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Welcome to Joyful Chica's Blurbs!

Hi! Thank you for checking my blog out:) So it's about time this gets started! The whole blog idea has been on my mind for about a decade yet for various reasons, I am just now starting it. There's always a first time for everything, right? "Firsts" are a big love of mine as they signal a new experience, adventure, funny moment, and reset. So here I go with a long thought about "first!" My hope with this blog is that you will find ENCOURAGEMENT, some NUGGETS OF WISDOM, and enjoy LAUGHS along the way! I will be sharing bits of my own journey along with some mental/emotional health tips, random ideas, and fun blurbs:)

As an ENFP and Ennegram Type 2w3, half-Spanish woman who is a follower of Jesus and is passionate about many topics, having differing roles in life as a friend, family member, psychotherapist, and coach, MANY ideas come to mind on a day to day basis. As one who sees life being lived as an adventure of sorts (with the ups and the downs), I'm sure it's no surprise that journaling is one of many outlets (along with posting on social media) and enjoyable activities, however, stepping into more writing is a new venture. So, I'm getting my feet wet here and many thanks to my mom for reading as I know she will be my faithful follower;)

I just want to note that if you have different faith beliefs, feel free to still follow my blog! I am open about my faith, however, that does not mean that I just want to share with those that believe the same as me. I have multiple people in my life including family, friends, colleagues, and clients that believe differently and we all respect one another. I enjoy loving people for who they are and where they are at on their journeys no matter if it is similar to mine or not.

My next post will be about the dialectic mindset of "both/and" from the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy model regarding holding both hope and grief at the same time. Until next time, take care of you:) Adios!

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Love it! Looking forward to reading more.


Great introduction! 😀 When will the next post be?

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